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The most demanding houseplants: who are they?

In search of interesting, beautiful and unusual houseplants, we can come across such plants that are too capricious and difficult to care for. Unfortunately, not all of us have enough time, desire and opportunity to devote a lot of care to them. That is why we have compiled a list of 10 plants that are considered the most demanding.

The most demanding houseplants


This plant is very dependent on sudden changes in temperature, susceptible to diseases and insect pests characteristic of its species, so it needs regular treatment.


Does not like dry air, irregular watering, direct sun, drafts, etc. This is a rather capricious tropical plant that takes a lot of time to get used to the home environment.


It does not tolerate too hot / dry air (especially heating in winter) and hardly takes root from cuttings. In addition, the stems, roots and leaves of this plant are poisonous, so it is not recommended to keep the flower in a house where there are small children and animals.


This plant can not be stored in a room that is not well and regularly ventilated, as its flowers saturate the air with a concentrated aroma. Azalea juice is also poisonous. The flower needs to be watered regularly – often and little by little – and properly diffuse the light.


It adapts to a new place for a very long time and with difficulty, even if all the conditions are created for this. The buds crumble from any movement of the pot. Requires a well-lit room with diffused light and high air humidity. Absolutely does not tolerate temperature jumps.


Quite capricious and short-lived. In order for the plant to live comfortably, it needs to create a special microclimate with proper stable lighting, soil, moisture, etc.


Considered unpretentious if all the conditions necessary for it are met. It is necessary to spray this plant often with water and protect it from the slightest direct sunlight (instantly burns out). If diffused light is not enough, the flower withers before the eyes.


The plant can quickly perish if the temperature in the room suddenly drops. It also does not tolerate dry air and excess water.


Does not tolerate cold, temperature changes and drafts. This plant may not survive if the temperature in the room drops to +16 °C and below.


Another demanding tropical plant, but if you properly care for it, it will grow well enough. During growth, the temperature should be at least +15 °C (preferably +18-20 °C). Requires regular moisture, as in the natural environment.

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